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The Catholic Church and the Stories We’re Not Being Told June 2, 2012

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Its been almost 15 years ago since the Catholic Church has gotten this much attention, and then, like now, its mostly negative as they once again try to make themselves above the law.  I’ve never had a good relationship with the church, having grown up protestant in a mostly Catholic town, Saugus MA.  I learned early that Catholics are taught that anyone who doesn’t embrace the Church is doomed to go to Hell.  As a Methodist, and of a particularly liberal church, this made no sense to me.  My father had been raised Catholic and became a Methodist when he married my mother, while his mother remained a devoted Catholic.  However, when she died, she was denied many funeral rights because she had not paid the tithe.

I do remember the night when I was sitting in my living room watching the news with my parents, when the name Father Geoghan was mentioned, and this caught my mother’s interst.  “Well, well well,” she said, “they finally arrested him.”

She grew up in Saugus, and its biggest Church, Blessed Sacrament, had been one of the many churches where Geoghan had served.  Even then, it was known that he was “funny” and that children should not be left with him.  This of course started an avalanche of accusations against not only individual priests but the Church as an institution for protecting known criminals and putting more victims at risk.  After a few years this quieted down and, aside from a blip when a new pope was elected, the Church has kept a fairly low profile.

Now of course, its once again trying to be a political entity in its fight against a birth control mandate, something that is popular even among most Catholics, but is being pushed by Republicans to promote an idea that President Obama is against religious freedom.  Most sane, rational people find this ridiculous and have left us wondering what the Church is thinking.  One might call it arrogance, which is certainly been a part of the Church’s dealing with civil authorities before.  But perhaps there is more to this than meets the public eye, because although this story dominated the news cycle for a couple of weeks, there’s other things going on that we’re not hearing about from any of the main news sources.

Although the media storm died down years ago, there are still cases appearing in the courts not only prosecuting individual priests for sexual abuse, but also Church Authorities for failure to report abuse to the authorities.  But many of these abuses occurred many years ago, and so states are trying to extend or even eliminate the statute of limitations, something which the Church has been fighting.  Viciously.  They argue that it will unleash a fresh wave of lawsuits that are decades old.  Of course I have little sympathy for this argument since it proves where the Church’s priorities are, and its not with its flock.  If they had done the right thing in the beginning, protected its children, then it wouldn’t be in this position now.  Instead it chose to preserve the image of the Church as an infallible institution and even today, still pressures victims group.  Furthermore, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York and one of the leaders in a lawsuit against the Obama Administration over the Birth Control has now been revealed to have been giving payments to alleged pedophile priests while he was head of the Milwaukee Arch Diocese

But its not just sex abuse scandals that are plaguing the Church, because it seems there is dissension in the ranks.  Specifically American Nuns for being “not Catholic Enough” because they don’t spend enough time condemning gays and lesbians and women who have abortions or use birth control.  They spend far too much time caring for the poor apparently.  and have vowed to not stop because of a bunch of old men in Rome.  What’s most interesting about this story is a familiar name that has come up in the Church’s fight against the Little Sisters of Mercy.  Cardinal Law, former Arch Bishop of Boston, who featured prominently in the early days of the sex abuse scandal has apparently been a strong voice behind the fight against the Nuns.   Many believed he had been shunted to some out of the way place where he could stay out of the eyes of the media after essentially being at the center of the biggest ball drop the Church has experienced in centuries, but it seems he’s still in a position of authority.

And if you think the Church’s problems are centered only in the United States, think again, because it seems things are not going well in the very heart of the Holy See.  The Vatileaks scandal that arose earlier in May is one of many stories that have been coming out of Italy for the last few months in which it seems that the Pope has engaged in cronyism, but is in the process being surrounded and cut off by other powerful forces within the Church.  Lest you think that this is the beginning of reform in the church, don’t, the groups are essentially one group of old men against another group of old men.

All of these and more stories have been in the background, mostly in local or foreign news agencies, and not at the forefront of the American Media machine.  Why?  If the Media really was a tool of the left wing political machine, wouldn’t they be pushing these stories 24/7 since they reveal the church to be a corrupt, perhaps even criminal organization that is trying to insert itself into American politics?  Its not like the American Public has a particularly high opinion of the Church anyways and reminding the public of why could easily push the populace away from the bizarre alliance between the Republican Party (a party of mostly conservative protestants who don’t particularly like Catholics most of the time) and the Church in its attempts to make the President look like an anti religious bigot.

Its either not sensational enough, or the media is holding off to not make the Church look too bad as it fights against the evil tyranny of health care reform and being dragged into the modern world.  Obviously their attempts to make themselves victims hasn’t paid off since the birth control scandal has gone into the background and the Republicans seem to have dropped it for now, but how much longer can the Church be allowed to carry on like this?  At what point will the rank and file Catholics, many of whom find themselves at odds with these ultra conservative policies, declare they’ve had enough and leave for more liberal parishes?  Already the Church’s political pull has waned, in another ten years will they be completely irrelevant?  The Church has survived a millennial of wars, political upheavals, and schisms, could it be that the ones to destroy it as an institution will be itself?


I had a nightmare about Hamburger Helper May 29, 2012

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Most people either don’t appreciate the food they eat or realize that there is food out there that tastes like something.  Micheal Polen talks about the addictive qualities of fat, sugar and salt that is in most processed foods, and the epitome of horrible foods that don’t taste like anything but is highly addictive is Hamburger Helper.   I mean its just dried pasta, powder and half a pound of hamburg (pink slime optional) mixed together in a greasy mess that is both filling and lacking in any kind of nutrition.

My mother wouldn’t eat anything that tasted or even looked like anything.  Except liver for some reason, but that’s another nightmare.  Nope, every night it was half a pound of ground beef plus whatever flavor of Helper we had.  Sometimes I would get to cook spaghetti which was also ground beef, noodles and some overly processed sauce.  Vegetables were the occasional can of string beans or lima beans, which if I never have to touch again will help me appreciate life.  The process took about half an hour.  I would scoop out the half pound of ground beef into the frying pan, break it up with the spatula and cook until there was no pink left.  Then I would drain out the grease into an old coffee tin, where it would congeal until we threw it out.  Course there was also grease splattered everywhere in the kitchen from the frying process.  Then you pour in the pasta, powder and x amount of water, simmer, stir, and when the pasta has cooked and the sauce has congealed serve it up.  Flavors ranged from cheesy to slightly less cheesy.

Since becoming an adult and being allowed to choose my own food I have discovered the wide range of flavors out there, and have been glad to never touch the stuff again.

So of course having a dream where I am being forced to cook it again is a horrible nightmare.  I can’t remember anything else about it, but really, isn’t that enough?


OCD and the art of bathroom selection May 27, 2012

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As many of you may know, or not know, I have a moderate case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, or OCD, or holy crap I touched something now I need to burn my hand in order to kill any germs that may be on there.

Thankfully this is moderate and I am on medication for it, otherwise I would be unable to leave my apartment to face the very large and very dirty city I find myself in.  This condition presents itself in many fascinating forms, one being on the amount of time I think about where I am going to go to the bathroom when I’m out.

Having my own bathroom is one of the many, many reasons why I will never have a room mate.   I know what’s been done in there and that the only germs around are mine.

Still, using public facilities is inevitable if you don’t want to live life as a hermit, which has led me to a system to minimize the holy fuckness of the situation.

The basic rule is that its important to find the toilet that gets the least use possible.  Duh right?  But how do you know?  Well you cant, really, but you can make an educated guess on the following factors.

How public are we talking here?  If its a “customer use only” bathroom that rules out random people from the street who aren’t willing to spend a dollar on a drink they didn’t want just so they can use the bathroom.  Bonus points if the bathroom requires an employee to open it.  Another good place is away from the main flow of traffic.  The science building where I went to school had bathrooms on every floor, but only the first two floors were really used by the general student population.  The upper floors were more for the actual science students, which meant the bathrooms saw less use, and were therefore cleaner.

Stalls are better.  Think about it, you have one toilet in there, that means that every person who uses that bathroom uses one toilet.  With stalls you have some leeway and the more stalls, the better.

Never pick the handicapped stall.  Obviously unless you are handicapped or there is no other stall possible (and no one who is handicapped around).  For some reason, perfectly able bodied people opt for the handicapped stall.  At my school, a new student center was built, which nice large bathrooms, sporting something like 20 stalls each and a handicapped section that was its only sub room in the back.  Amazingly I noticed that people would walk right past several unused stalls to use the handicapped bathroom.  Even at work, people opt to use the separate handicapped bathroom (which is one toilet and unisex) rather than turning the corner and using the regular bathrooms.   I don’t fully understand this, as I never feel comfortable using the handicapped stall, one because I know everyone does, but also, I’m not handicapped, the extra space in here is for someone who really needs it.

Use the stall furthest from the door.  Most people will select the first open stall they pass, just as most people try to find a parking space closest to the store.  Especially in a large bathroom, this means that a lot of toilets will go unused most of the time, unless its a handicapped.  No I don’t get that either.

Finally, once you have selected a toilet, sit on it.  Now that may seem like a contradiction, after all if I’m not touching the seat, that’s better right?  Well no, cause as a female I’m not designed to do that and as a not asshole, I’m not inclined to leave the inevitable mess behind, and in cleaning up I’m probably more likely to pick up something than just sitting on the toilet, since I don’t eat with my bum.  I eat with my hands, and toilet paper isn’t exactly a guard against germs, nor is it going to be an effective cleaner for any real mess.  For the same reason, I won’t use those toilet seat covers, because all they can really do is add to the waste.

Porta potties are right out.

And that is my guide to finding a bathroom when you’re worried about contracting zombiism from the toilets.



Who really has the power? May 23, 2012

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Considering that “job creators” like Romney not only put people out of work, but moved his money outside of the US AND hedged against the dollar, this is a bit of no shit sherlock.

And yet the myth continues.

But that’s  not what I am going to talk about (actual economists can talk about that), what I am going to talk about is how this principle works for enacting social and policy change.

Take for example, Target.  Not too long ago there was a controversy about them giving donations to an anti gay politician or group.   There was an immediate response among consumers.  Most importantly, pop star Lady Gaga used her marketing power to enact a change of policy when she said that should they keep this policy in place she would not allow her new album to be sold in their stores, BUT was willing to give them exclusive rights if they did the right thing.  And so they did.

Now they are selling Gay Pride T-Shirts much to the consternation of anti gay group, Family Research council.  How effective will their protest be?  I’m thinking about as effective as the Million Mom protest of JCP when they brought on Ellen Degeneres.

All of these were powered by consumer voices.

Another place where we can use our market power is in changing the food we eat, something that is already building speed.  As more and more consumers demand locally grown, organic produce and ethically raised meat, suppliers will sit up and take notice.  This is already happening, as we saw with the whole pink slime debacle, people are starting to demand better standards across the board, and if demand grows, the providers who already exist, the farmer’s markets which support small scale organic farms, which in turn promote a healthier environment.

The hard part is changing policy within the government, since they don’t answer to market changes.  Change is happening, and its growing, but imagine how much faster it could grow if we reverse the disastrous policies of the last thirty years?  If instead of giving welfare to big Ag companies, we invested in small, environmentally friendly farms that provide real food.  The benefits would cascade beyond the farmers (who barely scrape by when serving the processed food industry) to our environment and even our health (less processed food equals less obesity).  If instead of subsidizing fossil fuels, we began investing in green energy solutions?  In new technologies, in better waste management, in better infrastructure?  If instead of wrangling with charter schools, we could reinvest in our public school system instead, and train the future job creators of tomorrow?

Because we have the power to enact change.


Altruism? Or grand standing?

So this evening I got home to find an abundance of mail.  Aside from a flyer for an Italian restaurant there were letters from Planned Parenthood and Heifer Fund, but also an oddly non descript large envelope that asked not to be bent.  The Planned Parenthood and Heifer Fund mail was what I was expecting it to be, thanks for my recent donations and would I be willing to donate more?

The large envelope however was a letter that turned out to be from the Southern Poverty Law, asking for support, and including a certificate of appreciation….for money that I haven’t given yet.  This isn’t at all strange though.  Many charities use this method to feed the ego of someone to get them to give them money.  The biggest example is the Save the children group, with their promises of giving the donor a “sponsor child”, a kid that the donor will never meet, but whom writes to you telling you how awesome you are.

Who does this appeal to?  Frankly the whole sponsor child thing made me very uncomfortable for the three months or so I gave to Save the Children.  I was giving money, its not like I was in Columbia personally digging a well for them, or braving roving bands of mercenaries so that I could provide medical care to the poor.  I mean yeah, my money was helping that.  Or was it?  The other major thing about Save the Children was the sheer amount of mail I would get from them.  Most of it junk too.  I started to wonder how much of my donations were going to actual people in need and how much was going to these mailing campaign.

Right now I give regularly to Doctors Without Borders and Amnesty International, and their selling point was that giving monthly meant less mail, because they knew that money was coming and so didn’t need to spend on begging for more.  Also the updates I get from them are news stories about what they were doing, none of this massive ego stroking I get from other organizations.

In light of the recent article about organic food buying assholes I think this points to the nature of some people and their motives to be altruistic.  Rather than doing it because they want to help make the world a better place, they give to charity, buy organic food and what not because it makes them feel important and helpful.  Even though they’re not making major sacrifices, doing heavy lifting or even taking extreme risks, they feel they’re owed something, whether its a certificate or the ability to cut off people in traffic with impunity.  In short, sanctimonious assholes love finding good reasons to be sanctimonious about.


The complexity of Mom May 13, 2012

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Its that time of year again. Yesterday at work, my colleagues were discussing their mother’s day preparations (or lack there of in a panic).

I didn’t add to the conversation. Its not a secret that my mom is dead, or that I’m estranged from my dad and most of my family, and while I do take a sadistic joy in watching people squirm when they ask me about my family, I didn’t see the need to bring it up now and no one asked me, probably out of politeness.

I did however get something for my sister, who is also technically my god mother, I gave to the Heifer fund to provide bee hives for struggling families. I cited in the card my thanks to her for instilling in me the spirit of giving and aiding those who need help, and she was very verklempt.

This morning though, I remembered something. When I was a kid, my Aunt Ellen (my mom’s youngest sister, she was the oldest of three) got everyone these gifts, and my mom received a card saying that a donation of a sheep was given in her name. She was thrilled, I remember her showing off the card. She was less thrilled when the rest of the family (her parents and other sister) put on a snit about it.

I give a lot of credit to my sister for making me who I am, but I must also remember that mom, despite her many flaws, also believed in charity, love and understanding. She believed that that was the message of Christ, and also her duty as a human being. As such, she became a mother to many of our friends. As self involved as she was, and she was, I knew so many others with mothers who cared even less about their children. When our oldest friend heard the news that she had died, she picked up a baby blanket mom had made for her daughter and cried that her mother was gone.

She was a complex woman, with whom I had, and still have, a complex relationship with. She was abusive and angry because she couldn’t control her life and couldn’t, or wouldn’t take control of it. It was like she was waiting for someone else to come and fix it all for her. But tempering this was a compassionate spirit. And maybe she found it easier to show that to people she didn’t know, or maybe she found it harder to hide her bitterness and anger from us, in some complex way blaming us for the way her life had gone. At the same time, I think she felt guilt and self loathing for this.

Once, while she was having a particularly hard time, she looked at me and said “Lizzie, don’t end up like me”

My therapist once commented that mothers with suicidal tendencies tend to resist for the sake of their children. That my mother allowed herself to waste away may be a testament to her self involvement.

But in another respect, it set us free and showed us that life is far too short to live with regret and anger, something that took me ten years to fully understand.

There are times when I can hate her, where I can cry in anguish that she abandoned us, that she scarred us all, especially my brother, that she forced us to become adults long before we were ready.

But I have to temper that with a woman who believed in helping those in need, in accepting everyone for who they are and showing compassion.

So that’s my story. If you also have lost your mother, whether through death or distance, come in, have a drink and share with others, because you are never alone.

And if you’re interested in giving to the Heifer fund, here’s their website!

I’m tempted to get something for my grandmother, because I know it will help someone but also annoy her. She’d be too polite to say anything though.


M is for the Many things…. May 12, 2012

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Ah, mother’s day.  A day when adults scramble to get their mom some flowers and kids spray glue and glitter onto some paper to show their love.

Cynical?  Well yeah, but I haven’t had a mom in over ten years.  I do give gifts, usually charitable donations, in the name of my sister, who is also my god mother and had a hand in my upbringing.

But I think today I will reminisce about some of the crazier moments of my child hood, cause yesterday I found myself thinking of the yearly drive to New Balance, so I’ll start there.

In scenic Allston, part of the greater Boston area, is the New Balance outlet store.  A place where you can find just about any size for less than retail, so if you’re a poor family whose kids have freakishly giant feet, its the place to go.  This pilgrimage typically took place in summer, before school started, and it was always a big tadoo.   My father invariably got lost, it was hot and our POS cars were often prone to dying in the heat.

One year I remember being crammed in the back of a two door with my brother and sister while my parents fought in the front.  My parents never bickered, it was always knock down drag out fights.  At one point, my mom started freaking out, declaring that the car was going to explode!  I immediately figured that I could get out of the car easily should this become an issue.  Its all about planning people.