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High Blood Pressure May 7, 2016

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I’ve been fat my whole life.  When I was younger, I ate bad food, barely got any exercise and was depressed.  Later I became very angry and prone to stress and even had a few minor breakdowns.  I ate more to handle my stress, which led to more weight gain and well, I don’t gotta spell it out.

And yet in that entire time, I never had blood pressure issues, aside from my birth control.

Until now.

Now I won’t claim I’m in better shape than I was when I was 20, but I eat better and get regular exercise in the daily business of getting around the city.  It may not be enough though, and frankly I’ve been beating the odds for a long time.  I mean I’m overweight, have a heart murmur (minor), have a family history of heart attacks on both sides and have never been in shape.

Is this age?  Is my body getting to that point where it’s wondering why I haven’t keeled over from too much child birth?   35 isn’t considered old but when you reach sexual maturity at 10 you have to wonder if it’s just rigged to give up earlier.

Of course the prospect is scary.  I can tell myself that, unlike my mother, I haven’t had three difficult births and am wallowing in my own depression, but that’s no reason to be complacent.  Kick boxing hasn’t worked out, I may try to join the gym down the street so I can use the bicycles which would help also with my restless legs.

The problem is overcoming the massive inertia that is my laziness.


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