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And I'm willing to fight about it

That’s all I better hear about it March 31, 2016

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Rant: Right. I tried to hold avoid this. I’ve been holding my tongue for weeks. But some of you are apparently bound and determined to make me snap.
I am voting for HIllary, and I am proud of it.
I am voting for her because I think she is better than Sanders when it comes to the actual stuff an actual President does, as opposed to all this stuff some people seem to think he can do.
I am voting for her because I am able to look past the rhetoric of the past 25 years that people simply regurgitate without looking into. Not just about her, I’ve looked at Sanders’ record and see that he isn’t the fucking messiah who is somehow not a Politician despite being one for over 30 years. I understand that the President isn’t a king and that the way government works in this country is far more complicated than just putting a figure head up and then just going to sleep. I am voting for Hillary because I don’t believe this country is “broken”. People say “the system” is broken because they didn’t get what they wanted. If it is broken it is because we the voters allowed that to happen with our apathy, because many people don’t understand that WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT and the government is us, the people, by the people and that voting for a guy who says the right things isn’t going to “fix” it for us. I will not vote for Bernie because in the past few weeks he has lost my respect. He feeds this notion that the system is broken, the paranoid delusion that it doesn’t matter how we vote because “they” are in control. He hypocritically bashed Hillary for appearing with a celebrity while Susan Sarandon introduces him at rallies. He has fed the frankly ludicrous notion that the DNC, which is being run by the most incompetent leader ever, somehow was responsible for the voter fuck up in Arizona, when we’ve KNOWN that the republicans have been stripping away voting rights since the SJC overturned the Voting Rights Act, because apparently Arizona is the most important state in the union. Because he talks big about how Flint was being ignored because it’s a minority town, when at the same time he took advantage of that when he had nuclear waste sent to Texas. Because I know that a “revolution” is a 360 degree turn back to the beginning.
I will not vote for him because he encourages ignorance when it comes to the democratic process. When he says the Super Delegates should “reflect the will of the people” he means they should ignore it and throw their support behind him even though the people have been voting for Hillary.
And now the real crux of this rant. People who threaten to take their vote and go home if they don’t get the candidate they want are now complaining that “Hillary supporters” are being mean to them by calling them fucking children. You ARE fucking children. Because we both know you won’t do it, you’re just throwing a tantrum but come November you will cast that ballot and vote for Hillary and then spend the next 8 years bitching about how things would have been better if we had nominated Sanders even when Hillary fails to do half the things y’all are shitting your pants over.
Don’t want to be treated like children? Don’t fucking act like whiny titty babies when you don’t get your way.