My Life is More Interesting Than Yours

And I'm willing to fight about it

Life gets too interesting August 26, 2012

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and I can’t keep up the blog.  If I thought more people were reading I would post more.

That’s a hint.

Anyways, I went to Sirius Rising last month, camped with my sister, her husband and their daughter, along with many friends.  The weather was good, the company was good and the mosquitoes were manageable once I started setting fires.  Before that there was a ton of road work going on on my street, at night, complete with loud drilling.  So for once the inability of the drummers to hold onto a beat was not a problem.
I went camping again a couple of weekends ago to see the Perseid, and I got horribly lost on Mount Peekamoose, arriving after midnight when it had clouded over.  I stayed up with my friends till about dawn and didn’t see anything, but at least I had fun.

And around all this has been my tooth saga.  I broke one of my front teeth when I was 13, got a temporary fix soon after and was told to get it permentantly fixed when I was 18.  For the last ten years my sister has been nagging at me to get this finished and hopefully as of Thursday it will be.  In the meantime I’ve had multiple visits to the dentist, adventures with drill and a temporary cap that pops off occasionally revealing the ugly black deathness underneath.  Its been a riot y’all.

The election continues to be the most entertaining since….well the last one.  Mittens has chosen his VP, who hates women more than he does, has 0% of the black vote, made a crack about not ever being carded cause he’s a rich white guy, and to top it off, the GOP has invited the legendary racist sheriff from Arizona to speak at their convention.  Pure hilarity.


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