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Face Herpes April 29, 2012

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So it seems fitting that my first real post is about something nasty and disgusting which I tend to make more nasty and disgusting by calling it what it really is.

Yesterday morning I woke up and felt my lip had swollen.  Cursing the gods of stress and mayhem, I staggered to the bathroom and got a shock.  The cold sore I was expecting.  What I wasn’t expecting was a second one right above it under my nose. 

Cold Sores also known as Herpes labialis is a breakout from a virus that sits permanently inside of you, waiting to strike.  Last year I got it when I was camping, and rather than hide it I just told everyone that I had herpes on my face just to watch them react.  I suspect this says more about me than it does about them.  

But hey, what’s the point of having a nasty virus weeping sore on your face if you can’t enjoy watching other people squirm right?


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