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Its not a birthday until there is bodily fluid being passed April 30, 2012

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So today I turned 31.  This isn’t especially significant except for being the last prime number until 37.

And it was not my intention to play hookey today either, but I woke up with a pounding migraine, the general sense of malaise and fatigue I’ve been feeling for weeks and still two god damned cold sores on my face.  I decided I should see a doctor, so I emailed into work that I wasn’t coming in.  I’m sure they’re thinking I’m faking it. 

Ironically though, I was totally thinking about bailing on tomorrow because there’s another day of action by the Occupy People calling for a general strike.  I’m not going to, though I totally support them and stuff, but I didn’t want to get into an argument about it.  Still I can get great video from my office window.

Anyways, I won’t bore you all with the details except that the doctor’s prognosis is that I’m depressed and that’s affected my health.  Since being depressed has been a default state for most of my life there’s no reason to argue with this.  She wanted me to get blood work done, but since I had eaten breakfast I should come back later in the day.  In the meantime, I was not allowed to go back home.

Since I probably would have puttered, played WoW and slept this was very astute of her.  I love a doctor who knows you right away.

So after dropping off a prescription for something to deal with the nasty herpes congregating on my face I decided to get on the train to head to down town Brooklyn or something.  And then I saw a sign for the Terracotta Soldier exhibition in Times Square and decided that fate had walked in, slapped me upside the head and told me to go.  I had been dithering about when to go to this see, cause its in Times Square which is a pit of hell at the best of times.

As luck would have it, Discovery Times Square was almost totally empty.  Last time I went, for the Dead Sea Scrolls, it was packed.  So I was able to get in right away.  There’s a lot of extra stuff from China (there was a lot of extra stuff in the DSS stuff too, I guess they gotta pad it).

I will say the soldiers are freaken awesome up close.  Each one is a unique individual, and not just standard body with a different head, but they are all in different heights and builds.  Each one was modeled after a real person.  Even the horses are unique. 

The soldier’s are in the middle of the exhibition, after all the pottery and followed by later burial statues from following dynasties.  They don’t come close to the Terracotta Army, so I guess the First Emperor remains an over achiever even after death.

Finally I headed back and got my blood drawn.  I hate getting this done and I tend to look away and bite my knuckle.  Turns out this is pretty mild as most people get really upset.  Then I was asked to pee into a cup, which is always a fun challenge.  When I came back to drop it off I mentioned to the girl that I had just gotten my period.  There was already a guy in the seat and he looked like he was going to throw up.

Guess I didn’t help.

So now I’m home, ordering Chinese since I haven’t eaten all day and watching the martial arts movie collection my brother sent me.

I’ve certainly had worse birthdays.


Face Herpes April 29, 2012

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So it seems fitting that my first real post is about something nasty and disgusting which I tend to make more nasty and disgusting by calling it what it really is.

Yesterday morning I woke up and felt my lip had swollen.  Cursing the gods of stress and mayhem, I staggered to the bathroom and got a shock.  The cold sore I was expecting.  What I wasn’t expecting was a second one right above it under my nose. 

Cold Sores also known as Herpes labialis is a breakout from a virus that sits permanently inside of you, waiting to strike.  Last year I got it when I was camping, and rather than hide it I just told everyone that I had herpes on my face just to watch them react.  I suspect this says more about me than it does about them.  

But hey, what’s the point of having a nasty virus weeping sore on your face if you can’t enjoy watching other people squirm right?


Hello world!

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Hello World!

I decided to keep the default because it amuses me that Hello World is also the standard name of programming functions.

Anyways, I’m opening this blog because my sister in law (the very awesome Math Babe) said I should write a book about my family and the craziness therein.  But I’m far too lazy for that, so I decided to blog it instead.

So introductions.  I’m Liz, from up in the cold, cold north of Boston Ma.  I moved down to New York last September for work and have been living the free and cool life of a thirty year old single professional woman in the big city ever since.  So you know, a lot of nights at home playing WoW.

I intend this blog to be a source of entertainment, wisdom and snarkery.  I’m a liberal feminist, semi practicing witch and a geek of all trades.  I have a colorful history which will be shared in brief stories, along with news I find interesting or important or just the random thing that crosses my mind.

Like you know, all blogs.